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Cannabidiol has become a popular natural treatment for many health conditions. Growth in technology has given users multiple ways to take cannabidiol. Different methods of administration provide various benefits to the user.

How CBD Works When Ingested

Cannabidiol interacts with your endocannabinoid system, a massive message network responsible for regulating physiological functions. Some of the functions influenced by cannabinoids include motor control, appetite, mood, immunity, fertility, and pain perception.

How to Use CBD Products and Benefit from Them  

There are four routes used in administering CBD products. The diversity in CBD intake allows users to experience cannabidiol differently. It also does not limit users to specific means of administering CBD.  You can combine different methods to experience the effects of CBD. The method you use to administer CBD determines how long the results will last.  

Types of CBD Products

Oral CBD

These products offer users a discreet and simple way of taking cannabinoids. The CBD is taken by swallowing several drops of the oil. Oral CBD is also available in different flavors.

Once digested, it goes through the digestive system and liver before entering the bloodstream. In the liver, CBD breaks down in what is called the first pass. Its effects will take slightly longer before being felt due to the long route. Not all the CBD swallowed becomes bioavailable. Only 20% of each dose you consume gets to absorption. The effects of oral CBD tend to last longer than other CBD products.

Topical CBD

This one does not get to the bloodstream. Instead, it interacts with receptors in the skin, keeping it healthy, balanced, and supple. Its formula contains other products that help to keep the skin healthy and slows down aging.   

Inhalable CBD

This CBD product category can be inhaled through vaporizing or smoking. However, many people prefer vaporization since smoking leads to the formation of carcinogenic materials. Vaporization, on the other hand, releases cannabidiol in low temperatures without burning. Inhaling CBD gives the user control over the effect, together with a high bioavailability of between 50%-80%.


The CBD is placed under the tongue for at least one minute before it is swallowed. This is the fastest and most effective hit of cannabidiol. It allows CBD molecules to diffuse through the thin tissue beneath the tongue into the capillaries, blood, and cells, providing a 40 -50% bioavailability. The effect is almost instant.

Choosing the Right CBD Product for You

Personal experience and preference should determine the right product for you. You can try all four methods of administration with different products in each category. Be keen to record your daily intake in milligrams when mixing the products. The data will help you trace your progress and identify your sweet spot.

Is It Legal To Buy CBD Online?

Find out where is the best CBD available online. You can buy hemp-derived CBD oils from legit CBD sellers online. In addition, research CBD oil price in 2021 and the cost to purchase CBD 500ml from online platforms.

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