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In recent years, one of the best business opportunities is the purchase and resale of CBD products. The cannabidiol market is growing exponentially, which is why you can achieve a successful business as a retailer of CBD products. Within the different business models that exist, you will have better opportunities to sell white label products. For you to have a successful CBD retailer, it is key that you select one of the top CBD wholesale companies doing the white label.

However, having a CBD wholesale manufacturer with an outstanding product is not enough. There are different types of CBD companies doing white label, and each provides different types of service. The success of your CBD products retail will depend on the type of CBD white label provider you choose. It is therefore essential that you know the different types of white and private label CBD suppliers so that you choose the one that gives you the best advantages.

What Are the Types of CBD White Label Companies?


This is the simplest model of supplying wholesale CBD products. The distributor company manufactures a line of CBD products of excellent quality, maintaining its standards and controls, and offers them to distributors. It does not intervene in any other process such as design, labeling, or packaging. Although with these companies you can get the cheapest prices in the market, keep in mind that you are responsible for the rest of the process.

That is, you must design your own labels, and you will probably even have to outsource CBD bottling and packaging. This option is more appropriate for established companies with strong branding, or that already have their own packaging design and marketing strategy.

Product & Design

These are companies where you can buy your CBD products for resale and that provide some services. For example, they can design your labels, which is particularly useful, given the strict FDA requirements. In the end, you will get the product at your business, already labeled and packaged, ready for you to ship to your buyers.

By choosing this type of CBD white label company, you have the advantage of dealing with a single supplier from production to putting the product in the store. The main drawback is that these companies tend to standardize the design and packaging processes.


Top CBD companies doing white labeling such as LBC Bioscience Inc. offer their partners a complete white labeling experience. They provide complete consulting, starting with a product selection that best fits the retailer’s target markets. Also, they offer an extraordinary design and packaging service that allows for highly differentiated products at the marketing level.

The best alternatives in the market will even offer you the option of developing private label products. That is, you will be able to include specific characteristics to the product, which will allow you to differentiate yourself and gain competitive advantages in the market. This is for sure the best alternative since you will be able to buy and sell products with high differentiation, and obtain excellent profitability.

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Cbd Companies Doing White Label

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