Cbd Gummies Legal

Are you starting your CBD gummies legal business? Are you looking for some answers regarding your CBD business?

Here are some frequently asked questions from one of the largest wholesale CBD candy products manufacturers!

1. First, and the most commonly asked question to all the CBD gummy bears wholesale companies out there, What does CBD exactly is?

CBD or cannabidiol is a cannabinoid free of psychoactivity. It is found in the flowers of the marijuana plant and has been proven to help obtain essential benefits.

2. Who are we?

LBC Bioscience is a company dedicated to ensuring that most people and pets can benefit from Cannabidiol products. We produced all of our products in the United States, and they are Industrial Hemp and 100% organic. We strive to create the best quality products and services to provide a premier experience for our community.

As a CBD products developer, we have selected 100% natural products containing CBD in more or less high concentrations and supplied in formats for all tastes and different applications. In all cases, they are effective products with excellent natural properties that are worth trying.

If you share our passion and goal to set and exceed standards in the CBD industry, we are here to support you. We are also strongly committed to advertising cannabidiol in a “New WAY” as a staple of healthy diets and healthy lives. Join our movement!

3. What products do we offer?

We have focused on developing organic products. This includes Hemp CBD capsules, drops, massage oil, a full line of pet products, recovery pain relief creams, anxiety, sleep. Also, B12, biotin, and garcinia Cambogia, supplements, edibles, and we are focusing on our skin line. 

In our wholesale branch, we offer all kinds of wholesale services. We can become your private label CBD edibles suppliers, CBD gummies wholesale manufacturer, and your outsourcing CBD bottling and packaging trusted company. 

4. So now you may be wondering, is it legal for me to sell CBD online?

If you are located in the United States, we have great news. It is legal to sell CBD products online in all 50 states of the US. But this comes with some conditions: They need to be sourced from industrial hemp, and you have to make sure the THC content levels are below 0.3%. We also strongly recommend going through your local regulations and comply with all of them.

5. Is it legal to sell CBD products on Amazon, eBay, or other marketplaces?

Current regulations don’t allow any CBD or related products to be sold on Amazon or eBay. If you occasionally find some CBD products on eBay, notice that this doesn’t mean these sellers are allowed to sell this product. Whenever eBay detects CBD products on their site, they are taken down immediately. And other marketplaces are also forbidden to sell CBD products. 

6. Can you market CBD products through ads?

Using Google or Facebook ads is not currently allowed. However, CBD business finds it very useful to create social media profiles, maintain a very high social media presence, and interact with their communities as much as possible. Also, SEO and content marketing help grow this market and rank higher on search engines. Furthermore, advertising isn’t completely shut off. Some providers do accept CBD ads and many websites display them. You’ll just need to do a little research to find the right provider for your needs.

7. Last but not least, is my business required to comply with any license to wholesale LCB Bioscience products?

Yes, one of our first steps is to upload a copy of your business license AND any state or local licenses required for selling CBD.

So don’t wait any longer, buy & begin to benefit from our products right away!

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