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The CBD products industry has grown significantly in recent years. More and more people are buying cannabidiol products to take advantage of the health benefits attributed to CBD. That is why today there are a variety of CBD items to buy, opening up excellent business opportunities.

One of the fastest-growing sectors in the CBD world is edibles. Among them, the rise of CBD gummies stands out. They are very popular products, as they are a tasty, practical, and fun way to consume CBD. If you are in the CBD retail world and want to make the most of this niche by using your own brand, the wisest thing to do is to buy from one of the top CBD gummy bears wholesale companies.

Among the options on the market, you won’t find a better alternative than buying with our leading CBD gummies white label program. You should learn more about it, so you know why we provide you with the best buying conditions for your CBD gummies white label business.

How Does Our Top Gummies White Label Program Work?

Product Selection

The first big step in our partnership as white label or private label CBD edibles suppliers is for you to select the gummies you wish to market. Our specialized team will be able to advise you on our top selection of gummies, so you can choose the most suitable for your target markets. Also, we can provide you with technical support to determine the quantities you require according to your current market, your commercial objectives, or your projected markets.


As the leading CBD gummies wholesale manufacturer, at LBC Bsioscience Inc. we consider that our success depends on the success of our commercial partners. That is why we care about the success of every product you buy from us. You can count on the support of our group of specialists to help you master the best sales practices in the CBD gummies market. This includes everything from support in the design of your labels to suggestions on the best marketing practices that will allow you to sell successfully in your target markets.


While CBD edibles are an unregulated product, there are a variety of requirements from the FDA and some state governments that you must comply with. This will allow you to purchase and sell our CBD gummies worry less. That is why we provide you with all our knowledge regarding FDA compliance. If for example, you are going to use an outsource CBD bottling and packaging, we will help you make sure that everything complies with the regulations.

Partner Satisfaction

It is essential to us that you have an amazing experience as our partner. That’s why you have our excellent customer service, which will be able to support you through any stage of the process. This includes attending to your doubts and needs, as well as strict compliance with delivery times (7-10 days after payment). Finally, you can count on our exclusive 30-day satisfaction guarantee, which backs you up in case you are not satisfied.

Count on the Best

If you were looking for where to buy the best wholesale CBD candy products, you’ve come to the right place. LBC Bioscience Inc. is the reference company in the distribution of gummies by white-label, and we are ready to help you succeed in your business. Buy & begin to benefit from our products right away!

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