Cbd Infused Gummies

Our CBD infused gummies feature high-quality hemp and are rich in flavor. In addition, we stock wholesale CBD candy products for individual consumption and retail CBD shops. More people are interested in cannabidiol products as more states relax their laws on CBD products. This growing demand has birthed a surge of CBD entrepreneurs making huge profits selling CBD gummies in all shapes, sizes, and flavors. In addition, running a cannabidiol business today is less expensive with the availability of private label CBD edibles suppliers.

As your trusted CBD gummies suppliers, we go the extra mile to ensure you get the best buying experience from us. We make the buying process easy and ship your order conveniently to your location.

Pure CBD gummies

We make our CBD candies using high-quality homegrown hemp that is free from impurities. Once we extract the CBD oil or tincture, we fuse it with all-natural honey or fruit juice as sweeteners. We do not use synthetic flavors or coloring on our products to ensure they are 100% safe for consumption. Moreover, our final products go through third-party testing to ensure they are safe for consumption.

Gummies for everyone

As a reputable CBD gummies wholesale manufacturer, we stock CBD chews to suit different needs and tastes. Our full spectrum CBD gummies are ideal for people who want the full therapeutic effects of cannabinoids. On the other hand, we have Isolate gummies suited for recreational use without the psychoactive effects of THC. We recommend our Isolate-CBD gummies to customers living in states that have a zero-tolerance for THC products.

We stock niche gummies such as CBD vegan chews. Our vegan gummies are pectin-based and have copious amounts of vitamins B, and D. Other notable ingredients in our vegan gummies are spirulina and turmeric, which have anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, respectively. 

Unique flavors

Please browse through our vast collection of CBD gummies infused with natural flavoring. Some of the fruits we use include apples, passion, pineapple, and assorted berries. Also, we have citrus-flavored all-natural gummies that double as vitamin C supplements. Moreover, we have custom-flavor options for customers looking for unique fruit fusions. 

Convenient packaging

We outsource CBD bottling and packaging to one of the top white label developers in the CBD market. It ensures that our high-quality CBD gummies come in attractive and child-proof containers that you will love. In addition, we can customize your CBD packaging for special occasions or with your initials for a personalized touch.

We ship everywhere

We are one of the few CBD gummy bears wholesale companies that ship to multiple states. When you order online, do include your accurate shipping address. We will take you through all our CBD products that can legally ship to your location. We will ship the gummies to your doorstep in a concealed package for your discretion.

Call us today

Contact us for all your CBD infused gummies. We have a wide selection of full-spectrum and Isolate CBD chews in varying flavors. All products are 3rd party tested and certified as safe for human consumption. In addition, we ship to all states and provide private white label services to interested CBD gummies businesses.

Please contact LBC Bioscience Inc. at 480-410-6780 for full-spectrum CBD infused gummies.


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