Cbd Monthly Subscription Box

LBC Bioscience is your gateway to affordably-priced CBD products made in the USA from organic hemp and CBD. If you use CBD to treat a medical condition or manage pain, you may be searching for a source of high-quality CBD without the high prices. When you choose a CBD monthly subscription box from our bundles, you’ll save 25% off the cost of every item in your bundle. We’ve put together a terrific selection of CBD subscription boxes- something for everyone. See which one is right for you when you review them today.

5 Popular Bundles We Carry at LBC Bioscience

1. Our Anxiety Bundle is designed to enhance relaxation at home or on the go- packed with easy-to-use CBD-infused products that require no vaping:

  • CBD Gummies
  • Hemp Oil Herbal Drops
  • Nano Amplified CBD

Set aside your current CBD product and try our anxiety box for a full month and see the difference it makes in the quality of your life. Not even pure CBD Isolate can match the power of nano amplified CBD.

2. We believe the best CBD subscriptions should offer an option for customers who are dealing with pain. We’ve put together a Chronic Pain subscription box that contains the right combination of pain creams, roll-ons, relaxing CBD bath bombs, and strong 100mg CBD tablets. This incredible $252 bundle comes to your door every month for just $188 monthly.

3. If you’re a vaping enthusiast, you can appreciate the science behind vaping CBD and its immediate benefits to the body. Our Delight Vape Bundle contains four beloved Delta-8 CBD cartridges, each pre-loaded with 900mg of the following:

  • Sour Diesel Delta-8
  • Skywalker OG Delta-8
  • Blue Dream Delta-8
  • Green Crack Delta-8
  • Bonus- Battery + USB Charger

4. Do you need help getting to sleep at night? Whether it’s occasional sleeplessness or chronic insomnia, we have the perfect CBD monthly subscription box to help you drift off to peaceful slumber and stay asleep throughout the night. Our sleep box contains CBD Gummies formulated exclusively for sleep enhancement, Hemp Oil Herbal Drops, and 2000mg of nano amplified CBD. Get the sleep you need without having to rely on a prescription medication- feel free ro leave us a positive CBD subscription review based on your individual results.

5. Save money on our large or small dog subscription box and give your beloved friend a selection of CBD products that will help maintain health and well-being. Dogs love our Soft Chew Dog Treats, Hip & Joint Pet Drops, and Steak Bites Dog Treats- all infused with the right amount of CBD for your dog. Giving your pet the right dose of CBD is crucial to seeing positive results, which is why we’ve created a bundle for your large or small dog.

Shop all of our bundles today at LBC Bioscience and inquire about a subscription box free trial when you contact us at 480-209-1720. Signing up for our monthly boxes will save you a full 25% each and every month.

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