Cbd Subscription Box For Cats

Save money on pet CBD products when you order a high-quality CBD subscription box for cats from LBC Bioscience. You’ll save 25% on a bundle package delivered right to your door once a month, containing all of your cat’s favorite treats infused with CBD. We know how much you love your cat and want to offer health-enhancing products that will keep coats shiny, eyes bright, and immune systems at optimum levels. You don’t have to settle for less just to save money- take a closer look at our very affordable CBD boxes for your cat.

5 Things You’ll Love About Our CBD Subscription Box for Cats

1. Our once-a-month delivery service is like a set-it-and-forget-it service to keep your cat happy and healthy. Order once and you’ll continue receiving our best pet bundle package month after month for as long as you wish- cancel at any time. Stop worrying about running out of CBD cat treats or oil – it’s on autopilot for your convenience. To subscribe, simply click the ‘Bundles’ link on our homepage and select Cat Bundle.

2. Our bundles contain a variety of products infused with CBD:

Instead of having to shop around for the products you want for your cat, you’ll find everything included in our CBD subscription box for cats.

3. Our bundled boxes are an exceptional value! You’ll receive $115 worth of CBD products for your best furry friend for just $86.25 per month. You’re not locked into a contract with us, so you can take advantage of our special offer on a month to month basis. Sign up and we’ll send your first CBD box right away.

4. Our CBD cat products were designed exclusively for cats. Vets agree that you can give a cat CBD isolate, but only in the correct doses. You won’t have to worry about the right dose to give or whether your cat will like the flavor of our products- they’re tried and tested to ensure your cat will love the taste and will receive just the right amount of CBD.

5. LBC Bioscience is a trusted name in the CBD industry; our products are made in the USA using industrial hemp that is 100% organic with no THC. We’re not satisfied with the standards set by the CBD sector, which is why our goal is to provide products that exceed those standards. You’ll notice a difference in the quality of our products the first time you try them.

Shop all of our monthly bundles at LBC Bioscience and save 25% on every monthly subscription box:

  • Subscription boxes for dogs,
  • For health
  • For wellness
  • For beautiful skin
  • For managing chronic pain
  • And, of course, for cats

Best CBD Subscriptions

Stop paying high prices for CBD and start enjoying the difference quality products can make in your life- and on your budget. We not only have the perfect CBD subscription box for cats, but we also have the ideal bundle for your beauty routine, your daily health goals, sleep enhancement, anxiety relief, and chronic pain management.

Consider leaving a positive CBD subscription review if your cat loves the products we offer. Reach out to our staff with any questions about our products; inquire about a cat subscription box free trial when you call.

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