Cbd White Label With 3rd Party Testing


A notable feature of the CBD industry is it’s highly unregulated. Therefore, some CBD manufacturers make unsubstantiated statements about their products while other sell products containing heavy metals, pesticides, and artificial chemicals. As a result, many users find it challenging to get quality CBD products. Fortunately, LBC Bioscience Inc. specializes in providing CBD third-party testing to increase trust in manufacturers. As a result, we have excellent reputations in the industry because we uphold consistent and accurate testing.

Advantages of Third Party Testing

The main objective of independent third-party testing is to provide white label CBD users with an unbiased analysis of the products they consume. In addition, the testing aims to provide users with information about CBD oil to white label, including product quality, potency, and purity. At LBC Bioscience Inc., we believe that third-party testing is a critical component of the CBD market.

Unfortunately, the CBD industry is not as highly regulated as the food industry. Therefore, some companies take advantage of the situation to lie to users about the potency and quality of their products. Such companies aim to increase revenues and save on their operational costs. Therefore, it could be difficult for users to tell the difference between CBD companies with high integrity and dealers that offer low-quality products.

Many private label CBD suppliers pay out of their pockets to have their products tested by independent, third-party labs. These manufacturers usually display the test results on their products to show that what they advertise is exactly what you get. This is a strong sign of integrity. Unfortunately, you will not get in trouble with regulators if your company does not get its products tested by third-party labs.

Third Party Tests

Third-party tests analyze a wide range of product components. Each third-party test is run individually and has specific costs. One of the most common tests run at LBC Bioscience Inc. is the cannabinoid profile test. This test helps to quantify cannabis content and the concentration of various cannabinoids, including CBD, CBC, CBG, THC, and CBN. In addition, the cannabinoids profile test confirms the accuracy of CBD product ingredients.

Products with high THC content can be psychoactive. Consequently,  such products can be dangerous, especially if a buyer does not expect to get high from their consumption. As a result, manufacturers of high THC content products may be penalized with fines or even jail time, depending on the severity of their offenses.

Another standard test conducted by LBC Bioscience Inc. is the terpene profile test. Terpenes are volatile compounds common in plants. This chemical compound gives CBD its distinct smell. Many other plants such as roses, oranges, pine trees, and lemons also contain terpenes. Some of the therapeutic effects of CBD are caused by terpenes. Terpenes are usually contained in full-spectrum CBD products. However, the manufacturing process of CBD isolates removes terpenes. Therefore, only the best while label CBD oil products can claim to contain terpenes.

LBC Bioscience Inc. also tests for heavy metals, fertilizers, biological contaminants, and organic solvents.

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Cbd White Label With 3rd Party Testing

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