Delta 8 Cartridge

Our Delta CBD products feature high-quality cannabis strains and zero synthetic additives. We sell Delta 8 cartridges to mod-lovers looking to relax or channel their inner creativity. All our Delta 8 CBD cartridges are customizable to suit your style and taste. If you want to buy delta eight cartridges online, we recommend going through our vast collection of cartridges in various refill sizes. Our Delta 8 vape products for both newbies and experienced mod-lovers in varying flavors and potency levels.

Natural ingredients

We only use organic cannabis as the main ingredient in all our delta 8 cartridges. Also, we avoid using artificial coloring, flavors, chemical additives, or preservatives so that the THC content in our cartridges remains pure. All our delta 8 cartridges are third-party tested to check for impurities. It ensures we only sell quality delta eight products that are safe for human consumption.


Our delta eight cartridges are perfect for everyone. We have low potency cartridges that are ideal for anyone starting their vaping journey. These cartridges deliver a mild high and have THC content within the legal threshold of 0.3%.

We also have delta 8 vaping cartridges with 95% THC content. This increased concentration is ideal for experienced vapers who want a more potent high in every puff. All our 95% THC delta 8 cartridges have a 0.3% THC rating as well.

Mods for all occasions

Are you searching for the best Delta 8 vaping mods for chilling and relaxing? We have delta 8 cartridges filled with high-quality Indica and zero THC. These low-potency cartridges are ideal for anyone who wants to unwind or blow off steam without necessarily getting high. Our recreational cartridges will leave you feeling relaxed, uplifted, and help you focus better and boost your creativity.

Alternatively, we can recommend our strong Sativa cartridges, which suit nighttime use. The high terpenes concentration relaxes your mind and induces sleep. If our high potency Sativa has a burning sensation on your throat, we recommend our hybrid Sativa versions, which are milder.


You can purchase our Delta 8 for sale online in various flavors. We use natural fruit to enhance the taste and scent of our indicia and sativa cartridges. Our citrus line of delta 8 cartridges suits the vaping enthusiast that wants a zesty punch in their mod. Also, we stock delta 8 cartridges in additional flavors like mango, passion fruit, and cedar. Moreover, we can customize your delta eight mod with different flavors on request.

Ergonomic design

Our delta 8 cartridges have a compact design, which makes them portable while vaping on the go. Each cartridge features a chic and durable glass encasement with a high-quality ceramic core.  Also, our delta eight cannabis mods have an elongated mouthpiece for ease of vaping. We provide our delta 8 cartridges in various colors to suit your preference.

We have the best delta 8 cartridges for all your vaping needs. We fill all our cartridges with pure and organic THC oils that are free of any synthetic additives. In addition, we only use natural fruit to enhance the flavor of our Sativa and Indica delta 8 cartridges.

Please contact LBC Bioscience Inc. at 480-410-6780 for quality Delta 8 cartridges.

Delta 8 Cartridge

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