Hemp Oil Wholesale

Are you looking for a partner for hemp oil wholesale?

Here is why you won’t have to look more. LBC Bioscience is your unbeaten hemp oil wholesale supplier.

About us

LBC Bioscience Inc. is a business committed to ensuring that most people and pets can enjoy and benefit from CBD Oil products and provide them with a healthier quality of life. 

Our white label CBD products are all made in the USA. As the best private label CBD suppliers, we offer a whole range of CBD products that are Industrial Hemp and 100% organic with no THC. 

We strive to produce the best quality CBD oil to white label products and services to provide a superior experience for our consumers. 

We have set the goal to be the leading company that develops and exceeds standards and helps the public see Cannabidiol in a new way, as a staple of a healthier lifestyle. 


As a top CBD supplier, we noticed a high demand for CBD products, and especially many people passionate about the benefits offered by CBD.

For this reason, we decided that we also needed to launch the best white label oil wholesale online website in addition to online retail. 

So as a retailer, you will also have the opportunity to offer our CBD oil white-label to your consumers. 

You will offer a wide range of concentrated cannabidiol products for therapeutic purposes based on legally grown and certified hemp plants. 

What is your business, and what opportunities do CBD products offer you?

Do you run one or several online stores? 

This a no-brainer decision. Our CBD oil white label with high concentration will expand your catalog and bring a lot of traffic and sales. CBD products are on a high demand level and growing every day.

Why us?

Our wholesale program is designed to make your retail businesses, healthcare professionals, and independent entrepreneurs capitalize on the rapidly growing CBD market.

You will not have to worry about losing time in deliveries or not having competitive prices with us. With LBC Bioscience, you will be a the top of the line CBD retailer. We will guarantee the stability of quantities and quality thanks to our production control. 

As a completely committed manufacturer, we will make sure your company has the best and complete supply chain solution for sourcing your CBD products. 

Over the years, we have developed a wealth of experience in producing high concentration CBD products. All of them were created to fulfill a particular function according to the user’s requirements. 

This goes from improving an ailment, improve health to enhance athletic performance. Our Company’s primary focus is on developing organic products such as CBD Oil Drops, CBD Coffee, CBD Oil infused with Vitamins, CBD Pet Products, CBD Pain-Relief Creams, CBD Anxiety Drops, CBD Sleep Drops, CBD Gummy Bears, CBD Skincare Products, CBD Tinctures & Terpenes and more!

We will make our mission to be your trusted provider, offering you the turnkey supply system you were looking for. Buy & begin to benefit from our products right away!

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