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Once viewed as a peripheral substance, CBD products have now made their way into the mainstream. However, with the lack of FDA regulation in the CBD industry, there are no supreme quality standards. As a result, it is up to the consumers and merchants to determine which company is making high-quality CBD products. 

Fortunately, there are still a lot of hemp products wholesalers that offer the best quality CBD products, one of which is LBC BioScience Inc. The brand is built from home with local growers and high-quality extraction methods. And this results in the brand offering a solid range of high-quality CBD products that are accessible to everyone. Let’s review LBC BioScience Inc. even further. 

Private Label & White Label CBD Manufacturing

LBC BioScience Inc. is a worldwide white and private label CBD supplier for all types of CBD products. This is a great place to start for those that are just starting a CBD business or more established CBD companies that just want to add high-quality CBD oil white label to what they currently offer.

LBC BioScience Inc. helps their customers manufacture their CBD oil to white label in their certified facility. They offer the best white label CBD oil for those brands looking to bring the best quality finished CBD products directly to their market.

Extraction & Purification Standards 

There are a variety of solvents used by hemp brands to extract CBD from hemp. It can be difficult to purge some of these solvents from finished products. And these solvents can harm the respiratory system. CO2 is widely recognized as the safest and best solvent for extracting CBD from hemp. 

LBC BioScience Inc. uses the CO2 extraction method to produce its CBD products. They use an advanced distillation process that removes all traces of THC while leaving terpenes to produces high-quality, broad-spectrum distillate. This distillate doesn’t contain chlorophyll, waxes, or unnecessary lipids.

Lab Reports 

Due to the lack of FDA regulation in the CBD industry, 3rd-party lab testing has become the gold standard for defining a hemp’s product’s quality and safety. CBD products that have been tested by a 3rd-party lab can be verified as not having contaminants. 3rd-party lab reports from LBC BioScience Inc. are easy to find, and they provide detailed information on the ingredient used in each product.

Customer Support 

The current level of growth in the hemp industry has left most CBD companies overwhelmed. Poorly run hemp products wholesale suppliers are not set up to offer a high level of service. So, many CBD merchants find themselves dealing with missing products, delayed orders, unreturned phone calls, and more.

LBC BioScience Inc. is one of the leading hemp products wholesale suppliers that offer great customer support. The company provides contact details you can use to get in touch with customer service, and they get back to their customers relatively quickly.

Whether you are just starting your own retail CBD business or just want to stock up on the highest quality CBD products, LBC BioScience Inc. offers an excellent wholesale CBD option. Contact LBC BioScience Inc. to buy & begin to benefit from our products right away!

Hemp Products Wholesale

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